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My team has 113,000 people to learn from

At AXA, we’re a team of 113,000 people driving progress for 94 million customers every day. We work across the globe in different entities. You can grow your career across them all, which means huge opportunities, with international placements, challenging assignments, department transfers and transversal projects all there for the taking. Together, we make up a world-leading insurer that’s moving the world and your career forwards. 

Mikael, AXA IM

“I think that AXA found the right balance to grow as a multinational while keeping a start-up spirit. There’s a difference between talking about the future and acting for it. We’re constantly ahead of the challenges, anticipating and moving very quickly to enter new markets ahead of competitors. I remember 10 years ago when ‘Data Centre’ was not an established asset class, and one that nobody really believed in at the beginning. But I decided to investigate this sector and finance a small US company. This company is now a worldwide leader of the data center sector. I really felt I’d contributed to the future of our society.  There’s a strong entrepreneurial culture at AXA, it’s in our DNA. For example, we recently launched a partnership with a sustainable construction company with the ambition to become a leader to become a leader in the wood construction field. And, before Covid, we had already planned to launch a Life Sciences platform to invest in the future of healthcare. I genuinely feel like this is not something very common and I’m proud of being part of a company where innovation is not just a slogan. I’m actually empowered to move the world forwards.”   ​​​​​​​
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Baljinder, AXA XL

“Being empowered to design my day the way it works best for me means I feel trusted. I can work when I’m most productive, take breaks when I need them, and create time for the things I love. By being able to work from home, I save 2 hours of commuting – and as an early riser, I really like that it means I can get a workout and meditate before I’ve even started my day.
But flexible working only works if it’s two-way. It relies on integrity. So as a team, we have to show a great deal of respect for one another. When we agree or commit to deliver something, we make sure we deliver it; and we always make room for everyone’s own diverse commitments and needs. The best thing about having an open working atmosphere is that I feel able speak up on matters that are important to me. It’s what inspired me to use some of my new free time to set up a Business Resource Group called RISE UK with colleagues, focusing on underrepresented race and ethnic minorities. It makes me extremely proud to be a part of a company that truly cares about people.” 
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