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We know how much our people are capable of. That’s why we make sure we provide the right environment, learning tools and encouragement to seize every opportunity and rise to every challenge. We see your potential. And by helping you build the career you’ve always wanted, you’ll discover growth that’s truly limitless.

Internal mobility

Offering our employees stimulating career opportunities within or across functions and countries has always been part of our DNA. And indeed, in 2021, 41% of our vacancies have been filled by internal employees
(45% in 2020 and 36% in 2019 and 2018).
Discover how far you will go with us!

LinkedIn Learning

Our partnership with LinkedIn Learning provides access to top notch learning programs and courses. Employees benefit from over 20,000 courses: available in 7 different languages. This provides an ongoing and unique opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere and from any device, and to easily embed learning into your working day.
In line with our "Learning for all" approach, it allows our employees to learn for and by themselves, taking responsibility for their own development and enables them to be the best at their job today, and to prepare their future.

“In times of unprecedented and exponential change, continuous learning is an essential enabler for agility and success, and it is a key lever to sustainably achieve our business strategy. This is why we have made learning a priority for AXA, and we strive to provide an environment in which learning mindset can flourish.”

Stéphanie R, AXA Group Chief Learning Officer

AXA Learning Week

The AXA Learning Week is an opportunity for our employees to take advantage of global and local learning initiatives and programs proposed each year in a new and innovative format, always on themes of strategic importance for our organisation.
In addition, dedicated state-of-the-art Academies support the development of our Leaders and People Managers. They address a wide range of essential topics that underpin our strategic business and cultural transformations, and the new capabilities needed to lead and succeed in this more than ever VUCA world.
By helping you boost your skills, we stay ahead of the curve and support our business to continue to spearhead the industry.

Fatih talks about his professional growth at AXA Germany

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Christoph, AXA Asia & Africa Market

“You learn a lot about yourself when you experience extraordinary personal development. Especially when you’re working closely with senior leaders. That was the opportunity I was given in 2016 when I started out as an executive assistant. I brought in my talents and got the best guidance on how to use them. I was also able to take part in leadership preparation courses (called LABs) which helped in the daily work with my team. After just two years, I became Head of Claims Analytics which gave me confidence, energy and the chance to learn about the world of data science.  Two years later, I was added to the international talent list of AXA Germany, which gives visibility to people who are open for global mobility. Suddenly, I was approached by AXA International and New Markets in Madrid, which oversees 20 emerging markets on four continents between Singapore and Bogota. I was so excited to become their new Head of Claims – and surprised how clear and simple the move actually was. I didn’t have to worry about legal, tax, searching for a house…everything had been organised for me. It was a big move, and I had a moment of uncertainty. But I intuitively trusted AXA. Because AXA trusted me.” 
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