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collaboration with your team. It could be in the environment of your home, or in the office. Flexible working is a big part of the AXA way of life. So, make it something you believe in, with a work style that suits you.

We are working in a new way, globally, we call it Smart Working. This means that we are using less office space, there is less commuting and our people are working in a way that suits their role as well as their lifestyle. The office remains a crucial place to collaborate, socialize, share ideas, and feel part of a wider organization, but alongside this, AXA and its employees have also embraced the flexibility that comes with remote work. 

Get to know Angela's experience switching to remote working in ​​​​​​​Hong Kong

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Joel, AXA Spain

“Smart Working allows me to be more in control of my life. As a commuter, I have the chance to combine remote working with office culture. I can fully reach my professional goals, manage other aspects of my personal life, and enjoy more time with my family.  
This kind of flexibility also opens up possibilities for me and my colleagues. We can meet physically, ensuring team bonding and co-creation, whenever we need high interaction and collective intelligence. But when we need more autonomous, dedicated time – from beginning to end – we can work at home. I’m present where and when it matters, so I feel happy and fulfilled. This is a prime example of how Smart Working can work for you. I had to take my son to do a Covid test. While I was waiting, I had a meeting with my Paris colleagues, via confcall. We were able to fully review a topic of discussion and arrive at a collective decision. I even followed this up with a Teams call; we enabled our cameras and shared a presentation. It was quite an experience. Location simply didn’t matter, we all shared the same focus. I think that reveals a lot about AXA. We’re guided by solid principles, we put our best effort in and trust each other.”
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