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Progressing into your new role:
​​​​​​​The stages of your application.

1. Apply online

Apply online through our website. The average recruitment process can take up to 8-12 weeks from job application to start date - depending on the role and notice periods. 

2. Talk with recruiter

You’ll then be invited to have a first chat your recruiter. We aim to get back to you within 2 weeks of receiving your application. This may be a system genrerated email and will also depend on the number of applications.

3. Interview

Next, we’ll invite you to an interview with your hiring manager and any other important key stakeholders(s) you’ll will be working with.


4. Online Assessment

An online assessment is the next stage.
(In some area's of AXA)


5. Warm welcome

Once you are offered a role, and after we have completed your reference checking, you will recieve a warm welcome to your team  - whether you're working with us from home or in an office!

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 At AXA we are committed to offer an inclusive and fair experience to all candidates. You are encouraged to report, in good faith, any concerns of behaviour or processes believed to be inappropriate, unethical, or illegal. Should you wish to report any concerns linked to the above, ​​​​​you can do this through , ​​​​​​​AXA’s dedicated hotline managed by an independent investigation team.
Please note that this email address is not for dealing with job or application related queries.​​

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