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AXA Group Operations

We are AXA’s engine, responsible for making the global business run on a day-to-day basis, as well as delivering solutions vital to its future. By harnessing the potential of new technologies, from the cloud to AI, we’re helping to drive the world forwards – and providing you with a host of opportunities to shape the career you want, as you help to reshape AXA.

About us

Some roles we offer

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IT and Emerging Technologies
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Procurement and Sourcing
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Finance and Strategic Programmes
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Business Services

Hear from our team

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"I can build a career in IT or Emerging Technologies, Procurement & Sourcing or Finance, Strategic Programs or Business Services.

The potential of AI is the ability to process knowledge in the way we process numbers today."

Marcin Detyniecki
Chief Data Scientist
"Our ambition is to migrate 6,000 applications to the cloud, so we can give more products and services to our customers – and make them faster."
Ash Shah
Move to the Cloud Program Director
"The next big thing that’s coming is the 4th industrial revolution. Things are about to explode – so now is the right moment to join us."
Head of Engineering Excellence

Women in Tech


What does progress look like?

I’m using technology to stop cancer in its tracks.
Our use of AI showcases just how far-reaching our technological innovations can be – driving progress not only for AXA and our customers – but for wider society, too. Today, the AI revolution is making it possible to develop exciting new ways to protect human health. In the UK, we have rolled out an app that allows people to take high-quality pictures of abnormalities on their skin. It then uses a sophisticated algorithm to assess the skin cancer risk of their moles in just 30 seconds. It’s an exciting new tool for driving early detection. Recently, we’ve also been working on ways to detect COVID through X-rays. It’s a simple process, which has massive potential to be deployed across the world.
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I can see the opportunities all around

We create the opportunities. You’ll be able to grab them. From a global mobility program that allows you to take your career down a brand new path, to Learning and Development opportunities that give you a whole new set of skills, we give you the chance to shape your own future.