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AXA Italy
I’m answering the big questions

At AXA Italy, you can drive progress for your career, your customers and society by protecting what matters most to millions. We work in partnership with our clients to safeguard and enhance all our futures – which means addressing the big challenges of our time from global health to the climate crisis.

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Data Engineer & Scientist
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Claims Handler
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Business Analyst

What does progress look like?

I'm working to build equality for all.
Inclusion: it’s vital to our people’s wellbeing – and the progress we can make as a business and a community. That’s why at AXA Italy we focus our energies to drive equal opportunities. How? By partnering with NGO We World to help women gain access to work. By creating a Business Angels network to support female entrepreneurs. By working with the professional association Valore D to provide training and mentoring for our female employees. From collaborating with the LGBTQ+ community to develop a more inclusive way of talking to customers and colleagues, to providing AXA parents with summer camps for their kids, we’re striving to make everyone feel seen and supported.
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Hear from our team


“Social Impact is a vital ingredient for me when choosing a job. At AXA, the core purpose of our business is building a better environment not only for each individual client but for the community as a whole.”

Edoardo Rosettani
Risk Management Specialist 
“When joining the company in 2018 as an intern who’d just graduated in Maths, my greatest fear was getting caught up in repetitive applications of machine learning and not having the chance to innovate. Luckily, this has never been the case at AXA! Being a Data Scientist here, you can nurture a project from the very beginning, gaining a real understanding of the business and customers you serve through leveraging the power of data.”
Michela Suaria Data Scientist
“Since interning as a shy young student in 2014, AXA Italy has given me the chance to learn, grow, create, and unleash real value. Since the very start, I was trusted to work on the company’s distribution strategy. I’ve always been free to work independently, to take risks, make mistakes and learn from them! Today, I’m proud to be in charge a team of 7.”
Stefania Covucci Head of Sales Activation and Effectiveness

I can see the opportunities all around

We create the opportunities. You’ll be able to grab them. From a global mobility program that allows you to take your career down a brand new path, to Learning and Development opportunities that give you a whole new set of skills, we give you the chance to shape your own future.