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AXA Germany

​​​​​​​At AXA Germany, we’re always looking for new ways to make life better for our millions of customers, now, and in the future. It’s a place for people with big ideas and big ambitions.

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Some roles we offer

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Data und IT Roles
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Strategy und Consulting
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What does progress look like?

I’m helping to break down stereotypes
At AXA Germany, we want everybody to feel included. Our current SheWOW campaign, aims to give women a platform to learn from each other, network and share ideas, is a case in point. We’ve also launched a Gender Mentoring Program, which pairs together mentors and mentees of different genders. Its aim is to help drive cultural change across the business, and break down negative stereotypes, particularly around women and leadership. On top of all this, we have a Sponsoring Offensive, a twelve-month development program for female employees that aims to increase the proportion of female managers and executives at AXA in the long term.
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Hear from our team

“My main task is to demand and promote development of employees, colleagues or distributors. As a coach/mentor I accompany as well as motivate them in the different stages of their development. The goal is to achieve the best for our customers, employees and AXA and to give back the support that AXA gave me throughout the past years.”
Fatih Y.
Head of Sales 
"Our objective is to establish AXA as a reliable partner to the German economy. We are supporting this ambition by creating new additional services beyond our insurance business.
As Product Owner/Project Lead I have to ensure our team creates as much value as possible for our customers and our sales partners". 
Timm H
Senior Project Manager 

I can see the opportunities all around

We create the opportunities. You’ll be able to grab them. From a global mobility program that allows you to take your career down a brand new path, to Learning and Development opportunities that give you a whole new set of skills, we give you the chance to shape your own future.