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AXA Partners

We partner over 1,000 clients, providing their customers with a range of insurance, emergency and everyday services that are available anywhere in the world, 24/7. We partner all our people too, giving them the tools and opportunities they need to train, develop and take control of their own career.

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Customer Services
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What does progress look like?

I’m proactive, not reactive.

In traditional insurance, you’re only ever in contact with your insurer when you pay or need to make a claim. At AXA Partners, we’re moving to another paradigm where we partner our customers. But it’s not just with our clients that we’re driving progress. Finding new ways to make sure the way we identify and develop talent is really inclusive is equally important to us. From our I&D Champions network, to our Women in Leadership programme, we’re working to make true equality a reality here.
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I can see the opportunities all around

We create the opportunities. You’ll be able to grab them. From a global mobility program that allows you to take your career down a brand new path, to Learning and Development opportunities that give you a whole new set of skills, we give you the chance to shape your own future.