Thrive within a diverse community - Lorena T

“I grew up in Mexico, with my Dad raising me and my sister as a single parent. I don’t know if he was a visionary or just aspired to raise two independent women; but while gender inequalities and unconscious biases may exist in the world, I was blessed to be brought up believing that I have many opportunities. Not only in my personal life, but professionally too.   

  Since joining the AXA family over 10 years ago, I believe it even more. As part of an amazing diverse team, we challenge each other, share our ideas, discuss, agree or disagree, but we all respect each other’s thoughts, insights, and contributions. This is what makes us feel like a team: we are all valued and respected recognizing that we have different backgrounds, experience, and perspectives.  

  From starting at AXA Mexico to becoming CFO in AXA Colpatria in Columbia, I’ve always felt that my colleagues, both male and female, have supported me in pursuing my goals. So many have given their time to share their experience and advice. I’m so thankful to have people encouraging me on my professional journey. This inspires me and encourage others who will follow in my steps.”