Grow your potential
- Doli M 

“Have I been able to grow my potential at AXA? Well, I started on a six-month contract and that was 22 years ago! But it was when I was offered a managerial position in the Life department - at a really young age - that I knew AXA really believed in me. I was proud, happy, honored, all at the same time. And delighted at how supportive my managers were as they strengthened my self-confidence and skills.  

In 2013, AXA Belgium were looking for a Change Agent to support our New Way of Working project. My manager read the job description and said to me: “I’m going to tell you something that I’m going to regret immediately, but this job is made for you!” She didn’t want to lose me but had my best interests at heart. We discussed it and I took this big dive, out of my comfort zone, it was great. I was then offered a job in Human Resources. Wow. I’d thought about working within HR, but I never imagined it would be possible! All in all, throughout my career, I have felt supported and confident to push myself further and to give my best.”