Grow your potential - Christoph E

“You learn a lot about yourself when you experience extraordinary personal development. Especially when you’re working closely with senior leaders. That was the opportunity I was given in 2016 when I started out as an executive assistant. I brought in my talents and got the best guidance on how to use them. I was also able to take part in leadership preparation courses (called LABs) which helped in the daily work with my team. After just two years, I became Head of Claims Analytics which gave me confidence, energy and the chance to learn about the world of data science.  

 Two years later, I was added to the international talent list of AXA Germany, which gives visibility to people who are open for global mobility. Suddenly, I was approached by AXA International and New Markets in Madrid, which oversees 20 emerging markets on four continents between Singapore and Bogota. I was so excited to become their new Head of Claims – and surprised how clear and simple the move actually was. I didn’t have to worry about legal, tax, searching for a house…everything had been organised for me. It was a big move, and I had a moment of uncertainty. But I intuitively trusted AXA. Because AXA trusted me.”