At AXA our Benefits form a significant part of our overall employee experience.

We combine financial and non-financial rewards, including fixed compensation, variable compensation, local and global benefits

Our objective is to provide to all our employees a competitive and comprehensive supplementary benefits package; competitive with market, fair and inclusive to engage our employees

Our Benefits can either supplement coverages provided by the national systems or be the primary source of benefits in some countries. Our approach is therefore country-driven since benefit plans can vary significantly between countries.

We promote flexible schemes which allow our employees to choose the set of benefits they perceive as high value. Our Sustainability strategy is also reflected by providing access to responsible investment solutions.

Ensuring fair and inclusive compensation & benefits

Compensation is aimed at:

Attracting and retaining talents from the market, by offering competitive packages;

Ensuring internal equity by remunerating based on the role and its requirements with no discrimination on irrelevant factors;

Promoting  fairness by differentiating performers through a pay for performance approach to reflect achievements and impacts;

aligning with our sustainability strategy;

Ensuring sustainability of costs and a sound risk management by aligning compensation to objectives and performance.

This is key to remain one of the most inspiring companies to work for.
We offer employees across circa 40 countries the opportunity to become shareholders and participate to strategic decisions of the AXA Group through a special annual employee share offering – Shareplan - demonstrating the Group’s commitment to increasing engagement and ownership since 1993! 

​​​​​​​The Shareplan allows employees to participate to AXA capital increase by purchasing AXA shares at a discounted rate through a personal investment.
       Annual Report
Further details concerning the Compensation Policy is provided in Part 3 Section 2 of the Annual Report.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Global Policies for all AXA employees across the world

A global Health & Well-being program
  • physical & psychological medical check up
  • information and awareness health days
  • flu vaccination 
  • psychological support 
  • medical teleconsultation services
  • health awareness platform
  • miniumum coverage of 75% medical expenses and psychological support offered in cases of cancer
  • 2nd medical opinion service for critical illness cases
Prevention, Access to Care and Support

A global parental policy
This policy provides a minimum of 16 weeks fully paid maternity leave and 4 weeks fully paid paternity leave

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​​​​​​​supported his health journey